What are the Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy in first trimester?

It is always a happy moment discovering that you are expecting, especially for first-time mothers. The discovery may increase curiosity in you about whether to see a doctor as soon as possible. You might have a lot of questions about what’s normal and what is not.

It has been observed that most women have healthy pregnancies. However, it is always a better decision to see a doctor and take required test to confirm that it’s a healthy pregnancy. Taking good care of yourself can keep you at best of health and in long run, very beneficial.

Here are some symptoms that you may observe as early signs of pregnancy during first trimester. These symptoms are indicative, and may not occur at the same time to same person.

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How to Test Pregnancy at Home?


Today, testing pregnancy is easy like never before. With the advent of latest pregnancy testing kit at an affordable cost, now pregnancy can be tested at comfort of one’s own home without a need to travel to a medical clinic. It is a hassle-free and quick process. However, the old methods of testing pregnancy are as effective and reliable than the latest innovation in pregnancy testing kits. It has been observed that the latest pregnancy testing kits are becoming increasingly popular among the present generation of population for its easy-to-use process.
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Can Women With Lupus Get Pregnant?


Despite the risks associated with lupus, women with lupus can get pregnant and enjoy motherhood. It can be made possible if the lupus is rendered under control and regular maintenance of health is ensured.

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Can Women with Diabetes Get Pregnant?


Women suffering from diabetes can have many health concerns while they conceive a baby. Pregnancy during diabetes may risk the baby and have health complications to both mother and the baby. You might wonder ‘Can diabetes prevent pregnancy?’ Well, the following points will guide you on ‘how can women with diabetes get pregnant?’

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How to Make Baby Sleep all Night?


Newborn often wake up many times during their night sleep. You, as a parent, might be facing troubles due to this phenomenon. You may wonder why your new born is not sleeping and also how to make baby sleep all night peacefully? You also might have complained to your dear neighbour about your baby, saying—“my new-born won’t sleep until I feed her during late night hours”. You might be restless because of your new-born baby’s unhealthy sleeping habit.

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Jaundice in Newborns: Tips to Avoid it and Treatments


Yellowish tint on newborn baby’s skin and eyes can be a signal of Jaundice. This is because of the increase of bilirubin in red blood cells (RBC). It is necessary that Jaundice is treated promptly; otherwise the baby can develop Kernicterus (a disease, wherein a baby can have involuntary movements and deafness) and bilirubin encephalopathy (in this disease, bilirubin reaches brain and causes fever).

As a parent of a new born baby, you may get confused about the child’s illness like Jaundice. How to cure it or what are the treatment options available? Therefore, as soon as new born has some health issues, it is necessary that you proactively observe symptoms and report to your family doctor or a new doctor at a clinic.

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