Planned Pregnancies are always better

Planning pregnancy in the near future? This is the perfect time to think about your body and its health to take up the challenges of motherhood ahead.  Apart from concentrating on the foods you eat and thinking of changing your lifestyle, your job, your home and many more things, you also have to keep your body and mind fit and healthy with some physical activity before pregnancy. Pregnancy is going to change your life and body for ever and you want to keep yourself strong to go through the pregnancy and also take care of the baby.

Need for exercise before pregnancy

Preparing your body for the pregnancy is always a good thing. This will keep your body in a better shape for the most challenging task of delivering a baby. There are women who are working and do not have time to devote to exercise, but if you want to have a healthy baby and a healthy body, then sneak a little time for yourself. Many women tend to gain weight during pregnancy and after delivery. But a little pre-pregnancy physical activity can help you stay fit and healthy.

How to carry out exercises before pregnancy?

You can choose your activities according to your body type. A simple walk in your garden to various other rigorous activities like running, swimming are recommended. If you are new to exercising, then start by taking a walk in the garden with your dog. You can also weed your garden or carry out some other form of pre-pregnancy activity. Washing your car or your pet or simply cleaning your house without the help of your maid is also good for the movement of your body.

After continuing these simple exercises for a few days, you can move to more intense activities like cycling long distances, mowing your lawn, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and walking to the grocery shops instead of taking out your car; can help you tone your muscles. You can choose activities that you enjoy so that you do not get bored by the routine. Exercise at your own pace, intense activities can be chosen according to your comfort.

Remember, exercise should be fun and not a chore; it has to make your mind and body happy and not tired. Eating a healthy diet and having a healthy lifestyle help you have a healthy baby and a fit body.

When to visit a doctor

Now that you are planning a pregnancy, it is the right time to visit a doctor and talk to her about your queries and clear all your doubts like the foods to eat, medications to be avoided, pre-pregnancy exercise and other things. The doctor can advise you on the right exercise that should be carried out before pregnancy. You can also have a blood test done or a thorough check up of the body to know if your body is ready for pregnancy.

Feel free to share your pre-pregnancy experience here!

Take Extra Care Travelling while Pregnant

If you are pregnant and planning on travelling during your pregnancy it’s best you first check in with your gynecologist or doctor to get the best medical advice beforehand. If the are any pre existing conditions that may put your pregnancy at risk it would be best to be aware of these in advance. There are conditions that make air travel during the third trimester of pregnancy risky for certain women. Also, travelling to exotic destinations and third world countries may require that you be vaccinated against local diseases like malaria and dysentery which  you would also need to speak to a medical professional about, as to how these vaccinations may affect the unborn child. These kind of holidays are still possible whilst pregnant, in fact one of our readers recently completed one of the popular Serengeti safaris after first having checked in with her gynecologist.

South Africa supplies a large number of different alternatives for travelers regarding exotic beaches, safaris and cosmopolitan cities. The Luxury South Africa Safaris on offer are : conducted in locations where the ‘Big Five’ with an abundance of other natural habitation along with bird species lie virtually untouched by some time to humanity. With magnificent scenery, plentiful game along with the greatest annual migration of animals on earth the luxury travel operator wins your heart. Personal game reserves in this field provide guided trips and accommodations. The night drives complement the game drives in the daytime to ensure an entire experience into wilderness. The travel operator actively works to give you a comfortable, pleasant and memorable stay for the clients in their holidays. You will be provided a really remarkable and astounding experience for life. The travel will give you to available spaces, tropical lowlands, dramatic mountain ranges and temperate valleys with old vineyards.

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You are kindly inspired to avoid packing bright colored clothes, it is because they usually attract wild animals and this may turn over to be considered a problem. Colors like red and orange could be dangerous because you undertake the flora. Colors which are essential for a safari include neutral colors for example brown, khaki along with green-based colors. These are the best colors which will blend well with all the African safari clothing.

By the 11th century, Africa was flourishing and Nigeria was one of the greatest kingdoms on earth. We have a record of this time because of the terracotta and bronze sculptures that were manufactured by artists of the day. However, the African people had trying times before them following a colonization of European nations. There was a mark left on African culture that could not be healed.

The cheerful welcoming Kenyan guide who is with you if you see a pride of lions devouring their kill or suggests an infrequent bird at Lake Naivasha might be a firm friend by the time that your particular safari ends. The animals as well as the sights and sounds of Kenya will captivate you. Mount Kenya rises high above the earth and the Masai Mara plains stretch as far as a person’s eye are able to see. Come during the time of the annual migration and are captivated by the sheer numbers of animals thundering across the plains.

Smoking Cigarettes during Pregancy – Is Vaping an Alternative ?

The e-cigarette is commonly known and available in most retail stores around the world today. It is accepted by many as a sure method, for quitting the smoking habit and reportedly risk free to users. Are these statements true?

It may be advisable for someone that is considering quitting smoking, to first reflect on all the facts surrounding the use of the e-cigarette before taking the plunge.

Is the use of e-cigarettes the answer for quitting a smoking habit?

The fact is that there are numerous types of chemicals in tobacco smoke. Include nicotine in the mix as the main reason why smoking is extremely addictive. Many feel that the e-cigarette is the answer to assist the smoker to quit, and yet others think otherwise. It may just be that we are all asking the incorrect question. The quality of e liquid South Africa is surprisingly good and well regulated.

Anyone who has tried to quit smoking has found it extremely difficult. They might have tried the patch, gum or simple self-control; no matter what method has been used the failure rate exceeds 95%.

All the experts have their own ideas as to why it is so difficult to quit, however I believe we are all missing the main reason. If they are honest almost all smokers will say they need to quit, however they do not really mean it because they enjoy smoking.  However, all things considered, smoking during pregnancy is strongly advised against as it can have severe developmental effects on the foetus.

That being said, why would anybody want to quit the thing they enjoy or give up the pleasure it gives them. That is the main reason that makes it very difficult to stop smoking, addiction. It may only be that when they are confronted with the effects nicotine has on their bodies, they will begin to change their minds.

As we mentioned above the use of the patch or gum, makes it a lot easier to give up the cigarette you really enjoy. This makes the e-cigarette completely different. You do not have to give up anything, and can continue enjoying the habit but in an improved and more advanced way.

The fact is that the initial e-cigarette was not very good and satisfying in comparison to the tobacco cigarette. However with the advanced technology we have today the modern e-cigarette has improved tremendously and can now be compared equally with the tobacco cigarette, without the harmful chemicals and smoke.

Today the percentage of nicotine that you require in your e-cigarette can be adapted to suit your taste. Likewise due to the enormous amount of flavours available you can select the taste that appeals to you. This makes the e-cigarette more enjoyable. To change from the tobacco cigarette to the e-cigarette is similar to changing from the old manual typewriter to the new computer or laptop. Provided you are using decent quality vape juice in your e cigarette  or vape device, it is definitely considerably more healthy than cigarette smoking.

It is very easy to find facts regarding the use of the e-cigarette. When you have the information it may be a lot easier for you to give them a chance. A recent study in the medical journal “Lancet” stated that:

“The use of e-cigarettes was compared to using patches or gum as a sound method to assist smokers who want to quit within six months.”

This is most promising for all who are interested in the e-cigarette as a way to quit smoking.

It is a recorded fact that the FDA regulations prohibit the manufacturers and suppliers of the e-cigarette, to openly advertise that the use of the devise will assist the user to quit smoking.  There another recorded fact that the FDA established in 2016, a regulation that the e-cigarette which contains nicotine be subject to the same government regulations as tobacco products. The regulations also stipulate that the purchase of the e-cigarette be confined to persons of 18 years and older.

Healthy Diet, Healthy Baby

Getting ready for the biggest challenge is very important. Planning a child beforehand goes a long way in keeping women healthy and fit. Pregnancy takes its own toll on the body and therefore women need to prepare their body for this massive task of giving birth to a baby. Certain dos and dont’s should be followed strictly before you plan to be pregnant.

Well balanced food

Although most of the women know what to eat to have a healthy body, there are some foods to avoid before pregnancy. It is significant that you focus more on the type of food you eat, than the amount of intake. Priming the body to be healthy, which is neither overweight nor underweight, can help increase the chances of conception.

  • Foods that contain high fat should be avoided at any cost.
  • High calorie foods are a strict NO. Unnecessary weight gain is what you achieve by such foods.
  • Avoid weight gaining foods like deep fried food, sweetened food, tin food, processed food, artificially flavored food and preserved foods.

Watch your daily habit

Needless to say, various caffeine and alcohol consumption is the most unwanted pre-pregnancy food that should be avoided. Alcohol consumption is best avoided if you want a healthy you and baby. One small drink of 12-0z or 5-0z of wine daily can decrease consumption of alcohol. But when you are unaware of your pregnancy in the initial stages, it can affect the fetus significantly. As the confirmation of pregnancy takes weeks after conceiving, it is good to be careful of what you choose to eat. Women should know the pregnancy food to be avoided, which makes it easier to change your lifestyle.

Although caffeine is not recommended, it may be considered safe in small amounts that do not exceed more than 200 mg. however; care should be taken as to not stop it altogether for those who are heavily into caffeine intake. Caffeine can increase the chances of miscarriage and if you are unaware of your pregnancy, you are at greater risk. When you are planning to conceive, it is better to know what not to eat when you become pregnant.

Foods to be avoided

Although some foods do harm the body, smoking or drugs should be stopped immediately. They are the worst things that get into the body and affect the growth of the baby. Apart from this, avoid excesses of vitamin A, C, and D. Raw or undercooked meats or eggs are to be avoided completely. Soft cheese is not recommended before pregnancy. These are foods to avoid when you become pregnant too.

Professional help

One may need professional help in such circumstances, which is recommended. Doctors can advise according to your needs and body health. Regarding the medicines and drugs, the doctor is the best person to help you.