Can Women with Diabetes Get Pregnant?

Women suffering from diabetes can have many health concerns while they conceive a baby. Pregnancy during diabetes may risk the baby and have health complications to both mother and the baby. You might wonder Can diabetes prevent pregnancy? Well, the following points will guide you on how can women with diabetes get pregnant?

1. Meeting a doctor and a pre-conception counseling

It is necessary that you meet a doctor before you plan to get pregnant. Only doctor can help you on how to control diabetes while you plan for conceiving a baby. Glycosylated Hemoglobin (HbA1c) tests, a kind of blood test that will help evaluate how well diabetes was controlled over the past 8-12 weeks time.
The following tests will ensure that there isnt any complication during pregnancy:

a) Electrocardiogram
b) Diabetic foot examination
c) Cholesterol test
d) Triglyceride blood test
e) Liver and renal function
f) Urine analysis to check for diabetic kidney complications

Meeting a doctor prior to conception will help young mothers prepare themselves physically and mentally. Thus, it is recommended that diabetic women get counseling with a qualified doctor and prepare themselves for a healthy motherhood.

2. Blood sugar control: Its Importance for Women with Diabetes

Blood sugar control is very important prior to conception. There have been cases that many women are unaware of the sugar levels during their pregnancy. High sugar level can lead to birth defects. Also, there is increased chances of diabetes related complications and miscarriage .

3. MacrosomiaThe Common Problem

Macrosomiawhich means large bodyis a common problem faced by pregnant mothers with diabetes. This problem is because of transportation of too much of sugar through the placenta which makes the baby fat. Hence, vaginal delivery becomes complicated. In such case, caesarean delivery is practiced.

4. Insulin: Adjust Your Medication With Consultation

You might be taking Insulin to control your diabetes. So, while you are pregnant, consult your doctor about the medication. Usually, one requires more Insulin during pregnancy. Last three months are very crucial that you must have more dosage of Insulin.

And, if you are on an oral medication, there are chances that your doctor will ask you to switch on Insulin dosage for its better effectiveness.

Have you come across women with diabetes getting pregnant ? Do you have any such experiences? Share with us. It will help women with diabetes have safe pregnancy and healthy motherhood.

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  1. Kristie Hocking on said:

    It is indeed very important that diabetic pregnant women see their doctor for advise on what best to do during the stages of pregnancy. Mothers must keep their sugar level within normal limits to avoid having complications for the baby and during delivery itself.

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