Smoking Cigarettes during Pregancy – Is Vaping an Alternative ?

The e-cigarette is commonly known and available in most retail stores around the world today. It is accepted by many as a sure method, for quitting the smoking habit and reportedly risk free to users. Are these statements true?

It may be advisable for someone that is considering quitting smoking, to first reflect on all the facts surrounding the use of the e-cigarette before taking the plunge.

Is the use of e-cigarettes the answer for quitting a smoking habit?

The fact is that there are numerous types of chemicals in tobacco smoke. Include nicotine in the mix as the main reason why smoking is extremely addictive. Many feel that the e-cigarette is the answer to assist the smoker to quit, and yet others think otherwise. It may just be that we are all asking the incorrect question. The quality of e liquid South Africa is surprisingly good and well regulated.

Anyone who has tried to quit smoking has found it extremely difficult. They might have tried the patch, gum or simple self-control; no matter what method has been used the failure rate exceeds 95%.

All the experts have their own ideas as to why it is so difficult to quit, however I believe we are all missing the main reason. If they are honest almost all smokers will say they need to quit, however they do not really mean it because they enjoy smoking.  However, all things considered, smoking during pregnancy is strongly advised against as it can have severe developmental effects on the foetus.

That being said, why would anybody want to quit the thing they enjoy or give up the pleasure it gives them. That is the main reason that makes it very difficult to stop smoking, addiction. It may only be that when they are confronted with the effects nicotine has on their bodies, they will begin to change their minds.

As we mentioned above the use of the patch or gum, makes it a lot easier to give up the cigarette you really enjoy. This makes the e-cigarette completely different. You do not have to give up anything, and can continue enjoying the habit but in an improved and more advanced way.

The fact is that the initial e-cigarette was not very good and satisfying in comparison to the tobacco cigarette. However with the advanced technology we have today the modern e-cigarette has improved tremendously and can now be compared equally with the tobacco cigarette, without the harmful chemicals and smoke.

Today the percentage of nicotine that you require in your e-cigarette can be adapted to suit your taste. Likewise due to the enormous amount of flavours available you can select the taste that appeals to you. This makes the e-cigarette more enjoyable. To change from the tobacco cigarette to the e-cigarette is similar to changing from the old manual typewriter to the new computer or laptop. Provided you are using decent quality vape juice in your e cigarette  or vape device, it is definitely considerably more healthy than cigarette smoking.

It is very easy to find facts regarding the use of the e-cigarette. When you have the information it may be a lot easier for you to give them a chance. A recent study in the medical journal “Lancet” stated that:

“The use of e-cigarettes was compared to using patches or gum as a sound method to assist smokers who want to quit within six months.”

This is most promising for all who are interested in the e-cigarette as a way to quit smoking.

It is a recorded fact that the FDA regulations prohibit the manufacturers and suppliers of the e-cigarette, to openly advertise that the use of the devise will assist the user to quit smoking.  There another recorded fact that the FDA established in 2016, a regulation that the e-cigarette which contains nicotine be subject to the same government regulations as tobacco products. The regulations also stipulate that the purchase of the e-cigarette be confined to persons of 18 years and older.