Healthy Diet, Healthy Baby

Getting ready for the biggest challenge is very important. Planning a child beforehand goes a long way in keeping women healthy and fit. Pregnancy takes its own toll on the body and therefore women need to prepare their body for this massive task of giving birth to a baby. Certain dos and dont’s should be followed strictly before you plan to be pregnant.

Well balanced food

Although most of the women know what to eat to have a healthy body, there are some foods to avoid before pregnancy. It is significant that you focus more on the type of food you eat, than the amount of intake. Priming the body to be healthy, which is neither overweight nor underweight, can help increase the chances of conception.

  • Foods that contain high fat should be avoided at any cost.
  • High calorie foods are a strict NO. Unnecessary weight gain is what you achieve by such foods.
  • Avoid weight gaining foods like deep fried food, sweetened food, tin food, processed food, artificially flavored food and preserved foods.

Watch your daily habit

Needless to say, various caffeine and alcohol consumption is the most unwanted pre-pregnancy food that should be avoided. Alcohol consumption is best avoided if you want a healthy you and baby. One small drink of 12-0z or 5-0z of wine daily can decrease consumption of alcohol. But when you are unaware of your pregnancy in the initial stages, it can affect the fetus significantly. As the confirmation of pregnancy takes weeks after conceiving, it is good to be careful of what you choose to eat. Women should know the pregnancy food to be avoided, which makes it easier to change your lifestyle.

Although caffeine is not recommended, it may be considered safe in small amounts that do not exceed more than 200 mg. however; care should be taken as to not stop it altogether for those who are heavily into caffeine intake. Caffeine can increase the chances of miscarriage and if you are unaware of your pregnancy, you are at greater risk. When you are planning to conceive, it is better to know what not to eat when you become pregnant.

Foods to be avoided

Although some foods do harm the body, smoking or drugs should be stopped immediately. They are the worst things that get into the body and affect the growth of the baby. Apart from this, avoid excesses of vitamin A, C, and D. Raw or undercooked meats or eggs are to be avoided completely. Soft cheese is not recommended before pregnancy. These are foods to avoid when you become pregnant too.

Professional help

One may need professional help in such circumstances, which is recommended. Doctors can advise according to your needs and body health. Regarding the medicines and drugs, the doctor is the best person to help you.

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