Has newborn babys diarrhea become a worrisome experience for you?

Diarrhea is common among new-born babies. As babies cannot speak of the problem, the only way they can express discomfort is by crying. It is often a worrisome experience for parents. Diarrhea leads to dehydration and also gradual degradation of overall health of a baby. Babies also have nappy rash because of long hours of nappy use. Treatment of newborn babys diarrhea is easy, but sometimes it might get critical. Thus, it is very important that you closely observe the symptoms and help your child recover. This post will help you understand the causes and symptoms of diarrhea and also its treatment.

What causes diarrhea in newborn babies?

Diarrhea occurs because of gastro-intestinal infections caused by parasites, bacteria or viruses. The infection is caused if a baby consumes contaminated food, water, or touches faecal matter (while nappy is dirty and is not changed timely). Rotavirus (a kind of virus) is responsible for severe diarrhea in babies. It usually recovers in 3-10 days.

What are diarrhea symptoms in newborn babies?

It becomes very dangerous, if a child suffers from diarrhea for days together, as it leads to excessive loss of water and salts (electrolytes). Thus, it is very important to understand the symptoms. Usually diarrhea symptoms are very easily noticeable; one of the most common is frequent bowel movements. Others are fever, vomiting, dry mouth, tearless crying and skin getting dry and losing normal smoothness and softness. These symptoms occur parallel to frequent bowel movements.

What is the treatment of diarrhea in newborn babies?

Diarrhea can be easily cured. However, it is necessary to take right action at right time. As the diarrhea leads to dehydration, there is an urgency to replace body fluids of the baby as soon as possible with various rehydration medications. One of the commonly practiced methods is feeding Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) at regular intervals. You need to feed food that is less in fiber content as the babys digestive system is tender and during diarrhea, the digestion process is very slow. Also, feed small meals. You can feed rice, rice made cereals, yogurt (avoid all other dairy products), toasted bread and banana. Yogurt (has useful bacteria) and banana is considered to be good food during diarrhea.

Doctors usually do not prescribe any antibiotic medicines to children for diarrhea. However, you should consult a paediatrician, if diarrhea doesnt respond to initial treatment. Also it is suggested that you consult a paediatrician while you introduce solid foods as there could be chances that your baby might be allergic to some solid foods.

Have you tried any home-remedies for your newborn? Or you might have observed some unusual symptoms of diarrhea? Please do share with us.

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