Planned Pregnancies are always better

Planning pregnancy in the near future? This is the perfect time to think about your body and its health to take up the challenges of motherhood ahead.  Apart from concentrating on the foods you eat and thinking of changing your lifestyle, your job, your home and many more things, you also have to keep your body and mind fit and healthy with some physical activity before pregnancy. Pregnancy is going to change your life and body for ever and you want to keep yourself strong to go through the pregnancy and also take care of the baby.

Need for exercise before pregnancy

Preparing your body for the pregnancy is always a good thing. This will keep your body in a better shape for the most challenging task of delivering a baby. There are women who are working and do not have time to devote to exercise, but if you want to have a healthy baby and a healthy body, then sneak a little time for yourself. Many women tend to gain weight during pregnancy and after delivery. But a little pre-pregnancy physical activity can help you stay fit and healthy.

How to carry out exercises before pregnancy?

You can choose your activities according to your body type. A simple walk in your garden to various other rigorous activities like running, swimming are recommended. If you are new to exercising, then start by taking a walk in the garden with your dog. You can also weed your garden or carry out some other form of pre-pregnancy activity. Washing your car or your pet or simply cleaning your house without the help of your maid is also good for the movement of your body.

After continuing these simple exercises for a few days, you can move to more intense activities like cycling long distances, mowing your lawn, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and walking to the grocery shops instead of taking out your car; can help you tone your muscles. You can choose activities that you enjoy so that you do not get bored by the routine. Exercise at your own pace, intense activities can be chosen according to your comfort.

Remember, exercise should be fun and not a chore; it has to make your mind and body happy and not tired. Eating a healthy diet and having a healthy lifestyle help you have a healthy baby and a fit body.

When to visit a doctor

Now that you are planning a pregnancy, it is the right time to visit a doctor and talk to her about your queries and clear all your doubts like the foods to eat, medications to be avoided, pre-pregnancy exercise and other things. The doctor can advise you on the right exercise that should be carried out before pregnancy. You can also have a blood test done or a thorough check up of the body to know if your body is ready for pregnancy.

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