Are you distressed because of your baby crying?

You might often wonder as an elder or a parent on how to calm a crying baby. It is sometimes challenging to calm a crying baby especially for new moms. There are various factors like hunger, nappy rashes, fear of a stranger, fatigue, sickness, etc. Well, crying is also how babies communicate, thus you should always be able to understand the signal of your baby.

Here we present you some ways to calm down baby fast from crying:

Understand need of the baby : It is very necessary to understand the need of the baby to know how to stop baby from crying. You should be able to understand specifically the reason that might be causing the baby to cry. You should be prompt in catering to following needs of your baby:

a) I am Hungry: As hunger is one of the major reasons that lead babies to cry, you must ensure a proper feeding routine, which will lead to a habit formation and baby will be happier and healthy.

b) I am tired: Sometimes your baby might get too tired after playing or being with you. So, let her sleep comfortably in a cot.

c) Change my nappy: We all are aware of soft and tender skin of babies; the nappy often is uncomfortable to babies when it is on for hours together or when it gets wet. However some babies might not complain of wet nappy, but majority of them will. Thus, be ready to check and help them with a new nappy or just leave them without nappy when they are at home.

You own state of emotions: Sometimes when you are angry, babies seem to cry for hours, even after your countless efforts. Remember that, you are your babys partner. It is important that you are happy and responsive to baby in positive emotions. Babies are emotional being, they will respond to what emotions you hold. Thus smile at baby and keep your baby smiling.

Understanding Colic: You never know what kind of illness your child might be suffering from. New born babies can have colic problem, it usually occurs while the baby is in an age between two weeks to four months. Some symptoms are sudden crying, stiff stomach, etc. So, it is necessary to see a pediatrician in order to cure the problem.

The above listed points give some of the important ways to keep your baby calm and happy. However if your baby cries continuously and you arent able to understand the babys cues, it is advisable that you take professionals help. Have you had situations when you held a crying baby? How did you calm the baby? Do let us know your way to calm a crying baby.

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