Do you know cold in babies is a common phenomenon?

Babies get cold very easily. One of the reasons babies get cold very often is because of immature immune system. They are prone to various kinds of viruses that cause cold. As a parent of a new-born, you must have always wondered on how to cure babys cold and must have searched for baby cold remedies . One should be careful in dealing with infants with colds as it may spread to other family members. Following points will give you some tips on babys cold treatment and also guide on how to cure babys cold:

Calling-up a doctor: While you seek some treatment for babys cold , it is always advisable, that you call your babies paediatrician and inform him about the babys health. Mention him about the cold in detailed way. Take note of his advice and follow it.

Give some fluid: Fluid loss is common during cold because of running nose. Paediatricians suggest that ample amount of liquid (water, juice, etc.) should be given to baby during cold. This will help baby to remain hydrated in the slow process of recovery from the cold.

Comforting while baby sleeps: It is important that you keep babys head in an elevated position to facilitate the running nose doesnt get blocked. Keep a pillow underneath babys head.

Easing the congestion: Congestion creates discomfort while breathing, thus you must keep some nasal drops, which can be used to ease the congestion and also breaking dense mucus formation in babies nasal cavity.

Using nasal aspirator: You can also use nasal-aspirator to remove the dense and excess mucus formation. You need to be careful, while administering this technique. Squeeze the pump and gently place the suction pipe near babys nostril and let pressure of the pump suck the excessive mucus. Do this with another nostril as well.

Using a humidifier in babys room: This you can do during babys bedtime or occasions when baby sleeps. Place a humidifier inside the room, this will help baby sleep in comfort. Humidifiers help to break mucus and also ease the congestion, which generally cause discomfort in breathing process of baby.

Taking your baby to doctor: It is necessary that you regularly check temperature of babys body. If the temperature is more than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, you should take your baby to a paediatrician.

As a parent, do you have some tips to share on babys cold treatment ? Let us know about it.

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