New Moms worry: Why do babies cry?

Your baby is in your hands and you are anxious! Why is this so? Because you had never anticipated that the baby will cry and that too the whole day and night! It is overwhelming for new mothers who have never held a baby in their hands, leave alone pacified it. But mothers will learn the different crying patterns as well, because mothers are the ones who handle the baby all day and night. A newborn babys crying patterns are not easy to distinguish, but with each day you will learn more about the baby.

Why do babies cry?

Why do babies cry is a frequently asked question by new moms. Babies cry for various reasons:

1. The main reason for why babies cry is if it is hungry. When there is a long gap between feeding, the baby gets hungry and begins to cry.

2. The second most common reason why newborn babies cry is due to nappy rash. Some nappies are harsh and the babys skin might be very sensitive, which can irritate the baby.

3. The diaper of the baby might be full and therefore the baby is feeling uncomfortable. A change of diaper can calm him down.

4. Your baby might be sick. It might be having fever, cold or cough as well. The baby may cry due to diarrhea, lack of appetite, vomiting, sleeping problems, blocked nose, pain in the ears etc.

5. Babies can also get irritable at times. They can also have mood swings. They always need something to suck on.

6. Babies also need attention and the mother constantly in front of him. They want a warm cuddle, and to play with their mom.

7. Sometimes babies cry for no reason at all. They have a full stomach, good sleep, clean and dry and are healthy as well. Yet they cry because it is just an infant development stage.

8. Baby teething can also make the baby cry. A teething gel is needed for the baby and some nice big and hard toys to chew on.

Colic problems

It is never too easy to find ways to calm a crying baby . Colic in babies is common and is experienced mostly in the evening hours. It begins at the age of two weeks and decreases by the time the baby is four months old. Various newborn baby colic symptoms can be seen like:

1. Crying in high pitched and at similar time every day.

2. The baby has clenched hands and legs drawn up towards the chest.

3. Babies stops crying when they have passed a stool or wind.

If you still do not know how to calm the crying baby, then visit a doctor or get help immediately.

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